Everything You Need to Know About Motorized Shades


Motorized shades are a great way to utilize modern-day technology in your home. We use technology to simplify many aspects of our life- texting, vacuuming, using kitchen appliances, and even the device you’re reading this blog from! Technology is evolving to assist our everyday tasks, so why not implement technology to help you manage the natural light and privacy of your home?

Below we have outlined some of the most important things to know about motorized shades for your home, including durability, available systems, and more!

What Are Motorized Shades?

Motorized shades are window treatment systems made of a durable fabric that roll up for a sleek, clean look. They appeal to the tech-home industry and meet the increasing popularity of automated home systems, such as smart home locks, voice-controlled lighting and audio, and other automated systems.

Motorized shades, as suggested by the name, are easily retractable via their motorized system. This system is controlled by the click of a button or by a sensor, or even by a combination of the two. Whether you want your motorized shades to be controlled based on the sunlight or your personal preferences, there is a system for you!

What types of Sensors are Available for Motorized Shades?

There are several different types of sensors available for motorized outdoor shades. These include different types of sun, wind, and combination sensors. Some sensors must be wired with your shades, while others are wireless. These sensors use radio, vibration, and other technologies to determine when the appropriate time is to raise and lower your shades. These sensors are particularly appealing in areas like Las Vegas, where the sun shines over 300 days a year on average and winds can often reach 15-20 miles per hour in certain parts valley.

Why Choose Motorized Shades?

Motorized shades are appealing to people looking for ease and convenience with regard to their home systems. We’ve discussed how motorized shades are a great fit for those looking to take advantage of technology in their homes, however, motorized shades have many other benefits, as well.

Motorized shades retract via a motor, which allows for the shades to last even longer due to less user error than occurs with manual roller shades. If used correctly, the motorized system will keep your shades in tip-top shape. When there are heavy winds, sensors help your shades to know when to retract, protecting them from damages that would otherwise occur due to these heavy gusts of wind.

The sun sensors on automatic shades also help to protect your furniture from the sun. Sun shining through the windows of your home can commonly cause fading of your furniture, so utilizing this feature will help to prevent unnecessary wear and save you money on new furniture.

Contact Polar Shades Today About Motorized Shades for Your Home!

At Polar Shades, we have led the industry in producing technologically-savvy motorized outdoor shades since 1995. We have pioneered systems that have simplified one of people’s everyday tasks. Whether you are looking to display unobstructed views of the great outdoors, dim your living space, or maintain the privacy of your home, Polar Shades offers electronic & automated window shades that are perfect for your space.

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