Why You May Want More Than 3% Openness Solar Shades


Solar shades come in many varieties, so you can always find what meets your needs, budget, and style. One of the factors that creates a significant difference when choosing solar shades for your windows is the openness factor, which ranges from 1% to 15%. It refers to how tight the weaves of the solar shades are during their construction and the amount of visibility the shades offer.

A high percentage of openness means the weaves are significantly loose and allow more light. On the other hand, a low openness percentage (0-1%) means the shades are woven tightly together for more privacy and less light penetration.

This article discusses the advantages of choosing high openness solar shades to help you make the right choice for your windows.

1. Unobstructed View

Solar shades with a high openness factor have very loose weaves and low opacity. They are easy to see through and offer a less obstructed view of the outdoors. If you are looking for solar shades for your windows overlooking the garden or scenes that you would love to watch from the inside, consider more than 3% openness solar shades.

2. More Natural Light

It is no doubt that natural light can lower your energy bills, enhance the colors in your spaces, and make your rooms look more airy and spacious. Solar shades with a high openness factor allow the most natural light into your room to keep it bright and lighten the mood. You also enjoy the healthy benefits of sunlight as you can get the Vitamin D you need without going outside.

3. Protection from Harmful Sun Rays

Despite the high visibility, high openness solar shades provide the protection you need
against the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. The shades can successfully block 90% of the harmful UV rays and glare, keeping you comfortable and productive. Also, you don’t have to worry about your property, like furniture and fabrics, fading and experiencing sun damage.

4. Minimalistic Design and Easy to Install

You don’t have to contact a professional to set up and operate your solar shades. Most times, the only hardware you have to deal with is the metal or aluminum roller you use to manage the solar shades. They are also minimalistic, and you can install them inside or outside your windows. Doing so leaves you enough space to keep your room as uncluttered as possible or a place for your furniture and other items.

Remember, the color of your solar shades can also affect light penetration and visibility. Darker colors absorb light and provide more shade and a blackout effect than their lighter counterparts.

If you feel more than 3% openness solar shades are the right fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact Polar Shades. We provide high-quality solar shades in Las Vegas to fit your preference.