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Polar Shades boasts one of the largest roller shade manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and supplies interior and exterior Retractable Shades for residential, commercial and hospitality businesses across the country. Our facility is located in Henderson, NV (just outside of Las Vegas) and covers nearly 21,000 square feet. However, what truly makes us stand out in the world of manufacturing is not only the facility itself, but the technology of our equipment and our conscientious and dedicated staff that we employ.

motorized shade manufacturing plantroller shade machineworker in our roller shade manufacturing plant

Polar Shades owns the largest Gerber Computerized Fabric Cutting Table on the west coast and it is capable of cutting multiple pieces of fabric at a time making it possible to build hundreds of shades a day. The table is calibrated for accuracy in shape and measurement on a daily basis to make sure that every shade that Polar Shades produces is up to the high standards that we feel our products should represent.

In addition to the cutting table there are two (2) fabric carousels that grace the floor of our factory. Each carousel holds 30 rolls of fabric, keeping it in an excellent condition and organized for future orders. The carousels are positioned at each end of the cutting table allowing us to cut and move fabric carefully and quickly for greater efficiency.

Polar Shades uses the most advanced equipment for RF and Impulse welding technology, ensuring a perfect weld every time. The RF and Impulse Welder is unique and enables Polar Shades to create clean and accurate seams when connecting two pieces of fabric or when creating a pocket for a weight or hem bar with its laser alignment system.

The final stop for each and every shade is the assembly table and inspection racks. Each shade is placed on the inspection racks to thoroughly inspect the shade for fabric flaws, motors, clutches and to insure the fabric tracks correctly. All shades are tested before it is packed for shipment or installation, without exception. Once a shade has been deemed perfect, it will be wrapped and then packaged for safe transfer to a customer or installation site.

Our packaging process is also very detailed. Every order is thoroughly checked to insure our customer receives the proper shade style and components that were ordered . Our shades will be packaged very securely and all accessories (i.e. remotes, switches, brackets, and cable) are located in a box connected to the shade and labeled with a packing slip listing all the components that are in the box. Quality is our number one priority and we strive to have each and every aspect of building your shades to reflect the drive we have to give you the best product possible.

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