Automate Your Home with Motorized Curtains from Polar Shades

Motorized Window Shades

Motorized curtains offer consumers a stylish way to automate any home with remote operation of window coverings, including shades and draperies to reduce glare, provide privacy and control light levels.

Somfy solutions, available from Polar Shades, are available to suit any style or fabric. Eliminating the need for manual operation saves wear and tear on the material meaning motorized curtains last longer and retain their original appearance with minimal maintenance.

Somfy systems are compatible with Lite Touch, Vantage, Creston, Lutron and other third party control companies allowing you to enable your remote control on any electronic device with an Internet connection.

Glydea motors are designed specifically for this application and are available for curtains utilizing straight rods as well as those with bends and curves. You have the choice of selecting plug-in or in-wall wired units depending on your needs and personal preference. The Glydea 35 motor features a special track design and back release function that stacks fabric for a sleek look. The Glydea 60e motor has a touch motion feature that allows you activate the system with a gentle tug on the fabric. The Glydea range offers quiet operation and a MY favorite position function that will set the curtains to a precise position with one push of a button.

Discover Your Options for Motorized Shades

Somfy motorization is compatible with Pinch Pleat, RippleFold and Accordia style curtains. All curtain options enhance interior décor while reducing glare and increasing privacy. Curtains are available in a variety of designs that open from the side or center to provide outdoor views.

Polar Shades Sun Control is based in Henderson, NV and is a leading manufacturer of exterior and interior window covering products. If you want to modernize your lifestyle with motorized curtains, call us today at 1-877-260-6110 or 702-260-6110 to speak to one of our sales representatives or find a dealer near you.