Explore the Options for Outdoor Window Covers to Save Energy and Money

Exterior Window Shades

Outdoor window covers from Polar Shades provide homeowners in southern Nevada with a variety of options for beating the summer heat. Quality window shades save energy and help extend the life of the home’s air conditioning system while enhancing curb appeal.

As temperatures in Las Vegas soar past the century mark, so do energy costs as the air conditioning system works overtime to keep up with demand. Installing shades is the most affordable way to block heat transfer from the outside. This ensures the building’s interior stays cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Less wear and tear on the cooling system extends the life of all major components and eliminates the need to pay for expensive repairs and replacement.

Exterior Clutch shades offer an affordable option for homeowners on a budget. These manual shades are available in sizes that will cover an area up to 10′ by 10′. The hardware has a 24lb lifting capacity and utilizes a stainless steel beaded chain for smooth operation and stainless steel springs capable of withstanding the elements. Shades are available in configurations utilizing cables, tracks or a combination of both.

Polar Shades Carries a Full Line of Outdoor Window Covers

Polar Shades offers Freedom Shades and 4″ ELITE cassette manual or motorized retractable window coverings designed to provide coverage for areas up to 12″ in height and 14″ in width. Tan, white, camel, bronze and sand are the five standard hardware options but for an additional fee, consumers can choose custom powder coating treatment to match any exterior color scheme.

The innovative ZipRite Shade is available in sizes capable of spanning areas up to 12′ in height and 18′ in width. Unlike other exterior window coverings, the ZipRite locks into the track eliminating all gaps for a seal strong enough to provide protection from the elements as well as flying objects.

Polar Shades carries a full line of outdoor window covers to suit any homeowner’s needs and budget size. Call 702-260-6110 or 877-260-6110 to speak to a customer service representative about your options for quality exterior window shades and start saving money on energy costs today.