Inside vs. Outside Mount for Interior Shades

Interior shades are a terrific investment if you want to add privacy to your home, increase the functionality of your home’s spaces, make your home more energy-efficient, or protect your valuables from harmful UV rays. Polar Shades offers the best solutions in the industry.

Polar Shades interior shades can be mounted on virtually every window around your home or office. So, you’ve found window shades that coordinate with your home’s décor, you need to decide how you want to mount them on your windows. There are two types of mounts used to install interior shades: the inside mount and the outside mount. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that you need to keep in mind.

The Inside Mount
When you mount using an inside mount, you install the shades so that they are inside the frame of your window. If you opt for an outside mount, you mount your interior window shades at a point outside your window frame. 

An inside mount is the most commonly used installation option. When it comes to aesthetics, most individuals prefer the look of the inside mount. Shades tend to look more orderly and have cleaner lines with an inside mount.

The Outside Mount
However, an exterior mount has the advantage of giving you more control over the amount of light that enters the room. Remember, inside-mounted shades fit inside your window frame; they don’t cover the frame. And, there are light gaps on each side of the window. Even though you can somewhat control the amount of light that enters the room by adjusting the shades, it’s difficult to completely block light from entering the room completely.

In contrast, outside-mounted window shades make it possible to block more natural light that enters the room. The shades are mounted so that they extend past the window frame, covering the entire window.

Selecting the Right Mounts for Your Window Shades
Which type of mounting style you select will vary based on the room and how you want to use the room. An inside mount will suit rooms for entertaining and gathering, like your kitchen, foyer, living room, and playroom. You’ll not only have ample light control for the function of these rooms with inside-mounted interior shades, and the shades will look better. To eliminate light gaps around windows and their inside shade mounts, consider side channels, which will help eliminate unwanted rays.

Consider an outside mount for rooms where you need to block out as much light as possible, like your bedrooms and nursery. If you opt for interior blackout shades, you’ll have the ability to darken the room to cave-like darkness levels. 

Before you order your interior shades, you need to decide what kind of mount you want to use for each window. You’ll need to order a different size depending on your preferred mounting style. Shades that you want to use an inside mount for will be narrower than those that you prefer to install with an outside mount. Feel free to mix and match so that your shades are as functional as possible. 

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