Learn More About All Seasons’ Retractable Screen Doors in San Diego

Retractable Screens

Retractable Screen Doors by All Seasons offers homeowners the ideal way to bring the outdoors in while keeping dirt and pests out.

Our high quality screen door system offers clear views while allowing fresh air to flow through the room when pulled together in the middle of the door opening. When the screens are not in use, they retract out of sight into an attractive aluminum housing that blends right in with the frame on either side of the door or window opening.

Same Day Installation on Most Retractable Screen Doors

We can adapt our system to accommodate any size door opening, whether your home has a single door, double French doors or extra tall doors. Our experienced fabricators can custom manufacture our retractable screen system to meet your exact specifications. Professionally trained technicians install the screens ensuring a seamless transition without compromising the aesthetics of your home’s architecture. We can usually install the retractable screen door the same day!

The system features a screen door installed on each side of the window or door opening. With the sophisticated Handle Lock system, the doors glide along the tracks with nothing more than a gentle pull with one hand.

This system is unique because it allows the user to control when the screen is in use. Opening the screen door allows easy access to clean without having to remove and replace the screens. Homeowners can open drapes and shades to allow natural light in while keeping flies, mosquitoes and other insects out. This reduces the need for electrical lighting and controls energy costs.

The system is easy to maintain because while the screens are retracted, they stay cleaner. The housing protects them from pollen, dust and dirt, which can cling to the screen.

All Season Retractable Screens is a division of Polar Shades and provides homeowners with an elegant solution for enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of any room in the house.

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