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A simple touch creates a new home experience

TaHomA™ puts whole home control and convenience at your fingertips

Have you ever been at work wondering if you turned off the lights at home? Ever come home in the dark and wished you had left the lights on? Wanted to adjust the thermostat without leaving your seat?

It’s all possible with TaHomA — a Total Home Automation system from Somfy Systems TaHomA gives you complete control of products in your home such as motorized shades, rolling shutters, awnings, projection screens, lights, and thermostats. Independently or in sync – from inside your home or remotely.

And it’s not just about comfort and convenience. TaHomA manages your home’s “Energy Triangle” (shades, lights, and thermostats) to ensure your home is running as efficiently as possible. As you read this brochure, you may start imagining your life with TaHomA. But at Somfy, we hope you’ll remember one thing: There’s nothing like experiencing TaHomA in the comfort of your own home.

Great mornings start with TaHomA

Start your day with just the right amount of light and privacy

Even if you’re a morning person, waking up and getting your day started can be challenging. TaHomA’s scheduled Scenes can automatically let sunlight in where you need it and lower shades for privacy where you don’t.

Ever wanted your home to wake up with the sun? TaHomA can automatically trigger Scenes based on the sunrise and sunset times of your exact location. That means you can wake up to a welcoming home environment — with the perfect combination of natural and artificial lighting. Temperature can be regulated too. Perhaps you like to lower the temperature when you sleep, then warm things up as your household comes to life. No matter what your preferences, TaHomA is waiting for your command.

When you’re at work TaHomA doesn’t take a break

Hard at work even when nobody’s home to notice

Ever wonder what happens in your home when you’re not there? With TaHomA, you’ll know exactly what goes on — because you’ve chosen preprogrammed settings to automatically maximize your home’s efficiency. You can keep the shades closed when the sun is most direct in the Spring and Summer, helping your home stay cooler with or without air conditioning.

Or you can lower the thermostat to save on heating costs and open and close shades to let the sunlight in, helping heat your home in the Fall and Winter.

And best of all, you can check all of the settings remotely from your computer, even change settings on the fly if your needs — or the weather — change.

TaHomA makes your home even nicer to come home to

A warm welcome, no matter what the season

Just the word “home” invokes all sorts of warm feelings and memories. Comfort. That’s exactly what TaHomA can serve up whenever you activate a preprogrammed “Evening” Scene with your iPhone® on the way home. Cue pathway lighting, and just the right combination of interior lighting and privacy. Whether you like the drapes open so you can see inside your house before you enter or closed for privacy — the choice is yours.

You can also create Scenes to make your life easier after you get home. For example, to light your kitchen workstations when preparing a family meal.

Pictured here is a unique 5-button Scene controller that can be preprogrammed to your Scene preferences.

Relax…we’ll get the lights

TaHomA can even make staying in more fun

After a day’s work, sometimes you just want to curl up with a loved one or a great book. TaHomA’s got you covered either way — simply program a Scene to set the exact ambiance you’re going for, then call it up using our intuitive controls. You might even want to name the Scene “Relax”.

Should a little in-home entertaining be in your plans, TaHomA makes it easy to make your guests feel even more welcome. Make sure your entry pathways and your kitchen workstations are illuminated, but dial back your dining room fixture for a truly inviting atmosphere.

Get ready for a truly good goodnight

TaHomA lets you go to bed and stay there

How many times have you been settling in for the night, when all of a sudden you wonder if you turned off the lights in living and dining areas? You have to get out of bed, throw on slippers and a robe, and walk down to check. All of which does not help you get a good night’s sleep.

With TaHomA, you never have to worry again. You can schedule these lights to go off at a specific time, or simply press the “Goodnight” button on a nearby Scene controller. You can also set Scenes on motion sensors to activate before or after a specific time. All of this is possible — all without leaving the comfort of your bed.

TaHomA never takes a vacation, even if you do

There’s always someone at home

Even when you’re not at home, you still have control over it. That’s because TaHomA gives you the ability to create a customized “Away” Scene for those shorter trips — making sure your lights are off and coordinating your thermostat and shade settings for energy efficient heating and cooling. And if you’ll be away for a while, you can create a new Schedule and randomize existing Scenes for a truly “lived in” look.

TaHomA’s also great for managing a vacation home. Imagine turning on the pool lights and the air conditioning before you arrive so you can dive right into a state of relaxation. Or lowering your rolling shutters at the end of your trip for added security.

Meet the heart & brains of TaHomA

TaHomA Controller
This sleek, compact controller is the brains behind the TaHomA system. Using Z-Wave, an interoperable, 2-way RF mesh networking technology, the TaHomA controller serves as the nerve center of Somfy’s total home automation system. Simply plug it in to any standard Wi-Fi router and you’ll be able to control motorized window coverings, awnings, rolling shutters, projection screens, and thermostats from wall switches, tabletop controls, tablets, and any internet-enabled computer or smartphone.

After an initial professional installation, the TaHomA box is virtually maintenance free.

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS)
While TaHomA uses Z-Wave technology, it was designed to communicate seamlessly with Somfy’s Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) protocol. These two wireless technologies are able to “speak” to each other through our advanced Z-Wave to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface, or ZRTSI. The ZRTSI receives TaHomA’s Z-Wave commands and translates them into RTS. The ZRTSI can be used with up to 16 individual or groups of motorized products and plugs into any standard outlet. For your convenience, the ZRTSI can be installed discreetly and, after being programmed by an authorized TaHomA dealer, is completely maintenance free.

Even though TaHomA includes a variety of control options, all of your Somfy RTS motorized products will continue to work with your existing RTS controls. This means you can still use your favorite handheld or in-wall RTS controls for on-the-go adjustments to your blinds, shades, awnings, projection screens, and rolling shutters.

Convenience comes in many sizes

Your home is truly unique, which is why we offer you a wide selection of control options. So in addition to apps and web access for smartphones, tablets, and computers, TaHomA offers a variety of tabletop and in-wall control solutions. You’ll love that each of our devices has a distinct look and feel so that you can choose which controls are right for you — and your home.

Somfy partnered with industry leaders Cooper, EvolveTM, and Leviton® to create a series of switches, dimmers, receptacles, modules, thermostats, and scene controllers specifically designed to work with TaHomA. Each of these devices uses Z-Wave®, just like TaHomA. Once installed, your devices form a Z-Wave® “mesh” network, where each device acts as a signal repeater — ensuring commands from TaHomA will be received regardless of distance and obstructions.

How TaHomA works

Picture your home exactly the way you want it

As you know, TaHomA stands for Total Home Automation, not partial or room specific automation. It truly is a comprehensive system that can be integrated into every room in your house. That’s why we have provided this 3-dimensional model to show you how TaHomA can make your house a home.

The TaHomA Dashboard

This is where you connect with TaHomA. From the Dashboard, you can access all your Scenes and activate individual devices. The Scene Configurator allows you to create as many scenes as you like and the Schedule Configurator gives you the power to activate Scenes automatically.