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Technology for residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare window applications is constantly progressing. Movements that seem natural to us, such as closing a blind manually by hand, are today considered old fashioned. Polar Shades is a leader in window covering motorization and automation controls. By coordinating motors and electronic controls, Polar Shades provides our customers with a choice of reliable and practical solutions. The decision on how to power the motorized window covering is based primarily on the user’s preference, but also depends on the type of motor used in the application, as each motor type has specific requirements. Allow Polar Shades to bring your home or business to life by creating movement for all window openings and allowing the joy of life’s daily pleasures for better quality of life. Below you will find information on motorization, electronics and automation.

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Electronics / Automation - Exterior

Somfy Systems offers a number of different motor and sensor options for all different types of shades and awnings below are few choices that you might make when choosing an operation method for your window coverings:

Wind Sensor

Soliris Sun/Wind Sensor

The Soliris Sun & Wind Sensor is a radio sun and wind sensor that is compatible with RTS motors and can be installed on any retractable shade or awning. The sun and wind thresholds can be set directly on the Soliris Sensor.

Wind Sensor

Eolis Wind Sensor

The Eolis Wind Sensor is a radio wind sensor that is compatible with RTS motors and can be installed on any retractable shade or awning. The wind threshold can be set directly on the Eolis Sensor.

Sun Detector

Sunis Sun Sensor

The Sunis Sun Sensor is a wireless radio sun sensor that is compatible with any Somfy RTS motor or sensor. Integrated solar cells provide an autonomous working. It provides an automatic sun function on motorized exterior shades.


Eolis Wirefree Sensor

The Eolis Wirefree RTS Sensor is a battery powered, 2-axis vibration sensor that detects vibrations of an awning caused by excessive wind. It will transmit a radio signal to retract an awning when vibration due to wind exceeds a set point. It comes packaged in a weather proof enclosure and is meant to mount on the front bar of an awning.


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