Tips for Choosing the Right Power Source for Retractable Window Shades

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Retractable window shades utilize the latest technology to offer homeowners efficient and effective hands free operation of interior and exterior window coverings. Below are things to consider when choosing your retractable window shades.

Motorized shades are the ideal solution for windows that are hard to reach because they raise and lower with the flip of a wall switch or the push of a button on a remote control box. They improve home safety by eliminating the need to use cords, which is especially important in households with small children or pets.

Consumers can choose from three different power options to motorize their window shades. Depending on the application and personal preference, shades can operate on WireFree, plug-in or in-wall wired power.

A WireFree system runs on lithium batteries and features patented technology that extends battery life. Installation does not require hiring an electrician and there are no wires to hide. This is the best option for smaller window coverings and locations where electrical wiring is inaccessible such as French doors and skylights.

Plug-in motors may run on high voltage (AC) or low voltage (DC) power. An AC motor plugs directly into any standard electrical outlet while a DC motor requires a small transformer similar to what is seen on a cell phone or laptop charger. An electrician is necessary only if there are no existing electrical outlets within reach of the motor.

In-wall wired motors are also available in DC or AC versions, which run off the home’s electrical system. Installation of an AC motor requires a qualified electrician because it must be wired to a junction box. A DC motor is wired to a transformer or power supply and usually does not require an electrician.

Consumers can also choose the type of control used to open and close motorized window coverings. The options include handheld remotes, wall switches and tabletop remotes.

Find Out Which Power & Control Option Is Right For Your Retractable Window Shades

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