Our Roller Shades Manufacturing Facility

As one of the largest roller shade manufacturing facilities in the United States, Polar Shades Sun Control proudly boasts top-of-the-line equipment and devoted staff members.

Located in Henderson, Nevada, our manufacturing division creates roller shades for customers across the United States, Canada and Europe. We supply interior and exterior manual and motorized shades for residential, commercial, health care, educational and hospitality throughout the world.

As our company has grown over the years, we have invested in our people, production equipment and space to ensure each item we create measures up to our impeccable quality standards.

The Grandest Plotter Cutting Table

The Polar Shades manufacturing facility houses the largest Gerber computerized fabric cutting table on the West Coast.

This massive machine allows us to build hundreds of shades each day by precision-cutting multiple pieces of fabric simultaneously. Thanks to its computerized calibration, the Gerber accurately cuts fabrics in the shapes, sizes and measurements necessary to fulfill our demanding requirements. We also carry multiple automated decorative cutting services for ultra sonic cutting.

Our Fabric Carousels

We utilize two different fabric carousels on our factory line. Each of these is positioned at the end of their respective cutting tables, holding up to 30 rolls of fabric at a time. We don’t limit ourselves to only 60 rolls. We carry more than 3,000 different fabrics in our inventory.

Our fabric carousels allow us to:

  • Keep our fabric in excellent condition

  • Organize the material for future orders

  • Cut & move it quickly, yet carefully

The design of this setup is simple — We increase efficiency without compromising quality.

RF Impulse Welding Technology

Quality is essential when it comes to the Polar Shades brand. To ensure every seam is accurately connected and finished with a series of clean lines, we utilize the most advanced impulse welding technology.

With high-quality welding equipment, two pieces of fabric align on a single plane, seamlessly coming together with a clean finish; the same is true when we create pockets for weights or hem bars.

The laser alignment and precision of our welding technologies is second to none, allowing our products to stand out far above the competition.

Polar Shades FactoryPolar Shades FactoryPolar Shades FactoryPolar Shades FactoryPolar Shades FactoryPolar Shades Factory

Assembly & Inspection of Our Roller Shades

Once each roller shade has been carefully assembled, it’s placed upon an inspection rack where our team of professionals examines the product to be sure it meets our high expectations.

Each item is thoroughly inspected for:

  • Size

  • Accurate specs

  • Roller tube deflection

  • Fabric flaws

  • Motor malfunctions

  • Clutch incapabilities

  • Imperfect tracking of the fabric seams

No motorized shade will be packed and shipped until it is deemed to be perfect. Once an interior or exterior shade has been approved for shipment or installation, our team will carefully wrap the product to ensure its safe transfer.

Unbeatable Processing & Care

We do not take our orders lightly. Our packaging team carefully inspects each order, making sure the right shades and appropriate components arrive at our customers’ doors.

To ensure customers get what they paid for, we carefully place a packaging slip inside each box. This sheet contains all of the components in the box, including the motorized shade itself, plus any remotes, switches, brackets and cables.

Contact Polar Shades to Order Our Roller Shades Today

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