Electronics & Automation Available for Interior & Exterior Motorized Shades

Technology is a beautiful thing. From the way we communicate with our friends and family to the way our homes function and operate, innovations in computer science have created amazing opportunities for nearly every aspect of our lives.

Polar Shades is Leading the Motorized Shades Industry

In 1995, when Polar Shade first started producing shades, nobody knew what technology could really do for the window shade business.

Today, we are leading the shades industry with outstanding technology that makes it easy to open and close window coverings in homes, and commercial, hospitality and healthcare facilities. Our interior and exterior motorized shades provide carefree usability, allowing you to bring the outside into your home or office whenever you see fit.

Interior Electronics & Automation

We’ve replaced old-fashioned manual methods of opening and closing window shades by employing easy-to-use motorization and automation controls, which provide practical and reliable solutions to our customers. Our interior motorized shades are user-friendly and built for many years of convenient operation.

At Polar Shades, we’re focused on creating motorized window coverings that fit your unique needs and preferences. We offer a variety of motor options, some of which may suit your needs better than others.


RTS Programming Guide

Exterior Electronics & Automation

Factoring in wind, sun and other elemental attributes, we carry technologies that are able to offer you a number of different types of motor and sensor options to optimize the operation of your exterior motorized shades.

Through the use of Somfy Systems’ technology, our exterior shades are electronically equipped and automated to withstand the tests of time.


Soliris Sun & Wind Sensor

is compatible with RTS motors and can be installed on any retractable shade or awning. The radio sun and wind sensor can be set directly on the Soliris Sensor.

Eolis Wind Sensor

is also compatible with RTS motors. This radio wind sensor can be installed on any retractable shade or awning, and the threshold can be set directly on the Eolis Sensor.

Sunis Sun Sensor

is a wireless radio sun sensor, and is compatible with any Somfy RTS motor or sensor. Its integrated solar cells allow it to work autonomously while providing ease-of-use and automated sun function on motorized exterior shades.

Eolis Wirefree Sensor

employs a battery-powered, 2-axis vibration sensor, and is able to detect problems that may come from excessive winds by way of vibration. Radio signals are transmitted to the motorized controls, which retract the awning when a certain wind threshold is exceeded. This sensor comes packaged in a weatherproof enclosure and is mounted on the front bar of an awning.

Contact Polar Shades for Interior and Exterior Motorized Shades

Because we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, we’re here to answer any questions you may have, and we’re happy to help you understand which options may be best for your needs. Polar Shades is the leader in interior motorized shades and exterior motorized shades. At your convenience, take a look, and be sure to contact us at 702-260-6110 with any questions and to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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