Our Staff

Polar Shades is a family owned business that started in 1995. Meet some of our operational and sales team that are hard at work developing and delivering quality window coverings to the nation.

Steve Mevius

Sharon Groesbeck
Vice President

Art Mevius
All Seasons General Manager

Catherine To
President of the Retail Division

Lynn Groesbeck
Dealer Sales Manager/PR

Cherie Dahl
Dealer Sales Manager

Kathleen Main
Dealer Sales Manager

Leonard Martinez
Dealer C/S Representative

Irene Hochman
Dealer C/S Representative

Erika Gevert
Dealer C/S Representative

John Kelleher
Dealer C/S Representative

Dalene Hicks
Dealer C/S Representative

Candice Walters
All Seasons’ Coordinator

Saul Banuelos
All Seasons Production Manager

Matt Hoffert
Installation Manager

John Hans
Project Manager

Pedro Ypiña
Production Manager

Shawna Jaramillo
Inventory Manager

Andrea Hernandez
Production Control

Karla Gomora
Production Control

Josh Jonte
Sun Control Specialist

Gloria Madrid
Accounting Specialist

Deb Ring
Accounting Assistant

Christina Tran
Purchasing Manager

Tessa Garcia
Human Resources

Krissy Lough
Executive Assistant

Cierra Koch-Azeke