Retractable Awnings

Polar Shades is the leading manufacturer of custom, high-quality interior and exterior sun control products. Founded in 1994, we’ve spent 30 years perfecting our craft and growing our product line at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a team of employees who embody our mission and values.

Our Polar Shades Series of retractable awnings unites superior performance and durability with modern designs that are in line with the latest architectural trends. Whether you’re looking for a classic design, a functional solution with minimal aesthetic, or anything in between, Polar Shades’ wide range of retractable awning models will fulfill your every shading need.

Polar Shades’ best in class product offerings include retractable awnings up to 23’ in width, with and without a cassette in different styles to meet the unique needs of your residential or commercial application.


Premium Pro
Full Cassette

This motorized Full Cassette awning is designed with a robust, yet sleek frame that exhibits the ultimate level of fit and finish available in the retractable awning industry. It combines design, style and durability with the cutting-edge function and technology of an articulating arm and shoulder system, and complete full concealment of the awning in a hermetically sealed cassette system, when retracted.


This motorized Semi-Cassette awning mirrors the unparalleled quality and attributes of our Premium Pro awning with design elements including a front bar that fits harmoniously into the cassette opening for a perfectly tailored look, when the awning is retracted. This model also includes our patented articulating arm and shoulder system for the smooth and effortless operation of the awning.

Open Roll

 This manual or motorized Open Roll awning incorporates the same level of quality inherent in the entire Polar Shades product line. An optional Hood is available for improved protection of the fabric from exterior elements. This model provides the widest range of size parameters, when designed with crossover arms enabling longer projections in conjunction with narrower widths. This unique arm design retracts into a stacked position and includes a 10” fabric valance for the ultimate design touch.

Valance Designs






Over 500 solid and stripe acrylic fabric patterns to choose from for beautiful outdoor living

Motors, motion sensors, controllers, and devices for smartphone, tablet, and voice control of your awning.

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