Motorized Interior Shade

Technology for residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare window applications is constantly progressing. Movements that seem natural to us, such as closing a blind manually, are today considered out dated. Polar Shades is a leader in window covering motorization and automation options. By coordinating motors and electronic controls, Polar Shades provides its customers with a choice of reliable and practical solutions. The decision of how to power a motorized window covering is based on the user’s preference together with input from our knowledgeable motorization experts. Rest assured that Polar Shades’ motorization expertise will simplify the operation of your window coverings ensuring more time for enjoyment of the finer things in life!

Product Notes

  • Available in width of 28″ up to 168″ measured bracket to bracket with coupled shade applications and angled couplers for single motor operation of larger expanses.
  • Available in drops of 12″ up to 192″ with total drop measured from top of bracket to bottom of hem bar
  • Minimum split (1/4″) coupled shades.
  • 5.5″ head box with concealer plate available for recessed applications
  • Black out track and 4″ or 5″ fascia in standard colors: white, tan, black, bronze or anodized aluminum
  • Powder-coated steel brackets available in standard colors: white, tan, black, bronze or anodized aluminum
  • Adjustable leveling brackets
  • Retractable idler end
  • Precision idle bearing
  • Motorized by Somfy motors, the premier motor in the industry including wide range of Standard, Altus RTS, Sonesse RTS, Sonesse ILT & ILT motors with complete integration into automation systems
  • Extensive selection of standard roll off back fabrics or “waterfall” roll off front applications
  • Welded (not sewn) fabric seams in horizontal application for solar fabrics and either horizontal or vertical application for acrylic fabrics
  • Seam placement comes standard at highest possible height or at customer specified height as measured from bottom of hem bar
  • Roller tubes are 60/61 T6 aluminum alloy, available in 63mm, 70mm and 78mm steel.
  • Manufacturing deductions taken during production
    • Fascia – 0″
    • Roller tube – 1 7/8″
    • Weight bar – 3 ½”
    • Fabric – 2″
    • Hem bar – 2″
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty