Polar Shades Retractable ViruShield, Isolation Gowns, Face Shields, Branded Masks and Masks for Healthcare & First Responders

PS equiPPEd, a Division of Polar Shades is proud to introduce our revolutionary Retractable ViruShield, Isolation Gowns, Face Masks, Face Shields Reusable Plastic
and Branded Face Masks.

VirusShield Protective Barrier

Our Retractable ViruShield allows you to easily adapt any open space to
protect employee and customer health. PS equiPPEd Retractable
ViruShields can be installed in offices, salons, restaurants, gaming and retail
to allow employees and customers to
safely interact in open spaces.

Our Retractable ViruShields promote safe collaboration, all while
preserving your view! The clear acrylic shield hangs from the ceiling and
is idea for open spaces. It comes comes with countless features and
benefits, including:

  • Customizable sizing to fit any space
  • Easy to operate
  • Battery powered with remote or cell phone
  • Automated with Somfy MyLink
  • Retracts when not in use
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick installation
  • Sleek & modern design blends into any environment

ViruShield Flyer

Customizable Sizing Fits Any SpaceQuick Installation

Isolation Gown

Our non-sterile, disposable isolation gowns are great for health- care workers, patients and first responders.
They are made from clear, durable Polypropylene Film (1 mil) and provide the wearer with a fluid resistant
protective barrier. One size fits all and features sleeves with thumb holes and an open back with waist tie closure.
Isolation gowns provide:

  • One size fits most solution
  • An easy to wear over clothing, scrubs or uniforms option

Customizable Surgical Gowns

Non-Sterile and DisposableOne Size Fits Most

Protective Face Shield

Our comfortable, disposable face shields are fully transparent and protect the face from
the top of the eyebrows to the chin.They are made from clear, flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (30 mil).
Sized at 10” x 10”,they come with a foam forehead cushion and an elastic band. Benefits include:

  • Fully Transparent
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (30 mil),10” x 10” Face Shields
  • Top of the eyebrows to the chin face protection

Polar Shades PS equiPPEd Face Shields

Transparent and DisposableEyebrow to Chin Protection

Face Mask / Branded Face Mask

PS equiPPEd Face Masks are designed for long-lasting comfort and protection
and easily expand to completely cover the mouth, nose and chin for full coverage.

They are made of Spunbound Polypropylene and consist of four layers
(2 water resistant and 2 absorbent) to help reduce exposure to airborne fluids.
The masks are one size fits all with a pliable nose piece and elastic ear loops.
Polar Shades also manufacturers reusable, branded face masks. When you choose a
branded face mask your own logo and colors are displayed on our washable, reusable
branded face masks made from 100% Polyester (200gsm).

Our face masks offer countless features and benefits which can include:

  • Reduce exposure to airborne fluids
  • Four-layer, Spunbound Polypropylene
  • Custom branding
  • Reusable face masks

Polar Shades PS equiPPEd Face Masks

Display Your Own LogoFour Layer Protection

Polar Shades is committed to the health and safety of our community. In
addition to developing our Retractable ViruShield, we’ve been mass
producing PPE (face masks, gowns) to help first responders and
healthcare workers in Southern Nevada and beyond. Polar Shades is dedicated
to producing PPE 24/7 to help with any shortages, nationwide.

Polar Shades produces PPE, Gowns, Face Masks and Face Shields for Healthcare & First Responder
Professionals in addition to businesses.

In response to Covid-19, Polar Shades converted a portion of our shade
manufacturing equipment and factory in order to help create more PPC,
including gowns and masks to help protect those on the front lines. We are
proud of our community and employees who continue to step up to meet this
challenge. Together, we are VEGAS STRONG.

Polar Shades now offers Face Shields and ViruShield barriers to allow your
employees and customers to safely interact in open spaces.

Polar Shades Employees Hard at Work Producing Medical Equipment

Our employees continue working harder than ever to produce PPE for first responders, healthcare providers and businesses. We are proud to work as hard as we can to help save as many lives in our community, state and across the nation.

We continue to experiment with our 3D printers to make reusable plastic masks with a replaceable filter. The plastic material allows for multiple uses and can be disinfected. Until Covid-19 is defeated, we will continue to develop products and solutions to help front line workers and businesses.

Our Nevada Based Manufacturing Plant Is Able To Produce Customized Masks, Gowns, Face Shield and ViruShield Barriers.

Polar Shades is a large manufacturing plant with over 70 employees in Las Vegas, NV. We produce high quantities of roller shades daily, and have converted a portion of our manufacturing facility to produce high quantities of protective masks, gowns, face shields and barriers for those in need.

We have multiple specialty, high-speed cutting and sealing machines that are fully capable of being converted and producing mass quantities of masks and gowns given the supplies needed to produce them.

We are willing to help in any way we can. For more information about our PPE capabilities, please contact PS equiPPEd – A Division of Polar Shades at 702-260-6110 or ppe@polarshade.com.