Duo Shades

The Polar Shades’ Select Duo Shade

provides the highest level of functionality enabling the mounting of a sheer or sun control shade and a privacy or black out shade all in one single housing with optimal operation via remote control or wireless wall switch. The Duo Shade is mounted on uniquely designed brackets which hold two shades while giving the appearance of one mounted shade. Polar Shades’ 7″ Fascia provides the versatility of a dual shade with a beautiful finish to complement any décor.

Duo Shades can be manufactured to fit in nearly any opening, ranging from as small as 30 inches in width to as large as 14 feet in width. The Duo Shade is the perfect option for your home, office or any other space that requires protection and privacy. The Duo Shade is truly the best of both worlds when it comes to Interior Retractable Shades.

More Information

  • Select Duo Shade is a dual-roller shade system; One roller tube holds a blackout fabric for room darkening for instance, while the other holds an open weave fabric. The roller tube with black out fabric can be combined with black out tracks for a darker effect.
  • Widths are available from 18″ to 120″ with beaded chain operation and 28″ to 168″ motorized ( up to 288″ split roller)
  • Drops are available from 12″ to 120″ with the total drop measured from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the hem bar
  • Brackets are powder-coated steel and available in standard colors: anodized, white, tan, and bronze
  • Available with black out track and 7″ fascia in standard colors: anodized, white, tan, and bronze
  • Motorized units powered by Somfy, the premier motor in the industry with options including a wide range of Standard, Altus RTS, Sonesse RTS, Sonesse ILT or ILT motors
  • Extensive selection of fabrics with standard roll off back configuration
  • Welded (not sewn) fabric seams placed horizontally on fabric
  • Standard seam placement at highest possible height or as specified by customer, with seam specification measured from bottom of the hem bar
  • Roller tubes are 60/61 T6 alloy, available in 38mm, 50mm, 63 mm & 70mm steel
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty