Retractable Screen Doors


Sit back, relax, and let the fresh breeze flow into your beautiful home. Retractable screen doors allow you to invite the outside world in by expanding your space and adding ventilation while keeping dirt, insects and uninvited pests out.

Since 1995, All Seasons Retractable Screens has been an industry leader, providing homeowners with high-quality retractable screen doors that continually beat out the competition.


What Makes All Seasons Retractable Screen Doors Stand Out?

A division of Polar Shades Sun Control in Las Vegas, Nevada, All Seasons Retractable Screens was founded on the principles of exceptional quality products and outstanding customer service.

Our business model allows us to provide each of these attributes to our customers by way of:

  • A nationwide network of authorized dealers who are factory trained for installations. We believe uniformity in our training process allows us to build trust with our customers because they know they’ll be treated with respect and outstanding customer service no matter where they are.
  • Exceptional quality products made to withstand the tests of time. Ease-of-use and beautiful aesthetic appeal are very important to us, and we’re proud to say we’ve created some of the finest products on the market.
    When you purchase an All Seasons retractable screen door, you’ll have many years of trouble-free enjoyment at your fingertips.
  • Outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond with each and every interaction. It is our goal to exceed your expectations at every turn, and we’re proud to say that this is one of the attributes that has made us so successful in our industry!

How Do All Seasons Retractable Screen Doors Work?

We utilize a unique, adaptable system, allowing us to create screen doors without compromising the personalized style of your home. Thanks to our innovative design, we’re able to fit screens on single doors and large openings, such as double French doors.

Single doors  are fitted with screens that glide smoothly along their tracks. When not in use, the retractable screen door retracts into a protective aluminum housing, which blends into the door frame. The screens, as well as their frames and protective housing, are attractive and not distracting, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into the aesthetics of your home.

Double doors  benefit from the same smooth handling as smaller openings. Using a two-sided approach, a retractable screen door is installed on either side of the opening.

When in use, the doors are drawn together, meeting in the middle as each door approaches the intermediate stop . Our Handle Lock System allows you to slide each door to the center with a gentle pull of the hand. When not in use, each door retracts to its respective aluminum housing.

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