Modernize Any Home with Motorized Drapery Tracks

Motorized Drapery Tracks

Homeowners will want to check out the Glydea Range of motorized drapery tracks from Polar Shades.

The Glydea system offers consumers an effortless way to open and close drapes using one of several control modules available. The patented master carrier design reduces friction allowing for quiet operation and a soft start and stop. The carrier adjusts to different types of drapes for a seamless fit.

Consumers can choose either the Glydea 35 DCT or Glydea 60e DCT motor. With the 60e and its Touch Motion feature, users activate the unit with a slight tug on the fabric. When adjusting the drapery manually, the manual override disengages the motor.

Glydea is available with custom curves and bends to suit any need. The system is adaptable for Ripplefold, Accordia and Pinch Pleat drapes using a variety of accessories and hardware. It can be set up to open drapes to one side or part them down the center and open them to both sides. Adjustable speed settings accommodate any fabric weight.

The motor cover design eliminates any worries about cables distracting from the room’s aesthetic appeal. The concealed motor is suitable for installation to the left or right side of the track. One-touch hardware is spring loaded for convenient and quick installation.

Motorized Drapery Tacks Offer Convenience & Privacy

With the Glydea motorized drapery system, homeowners have a convenient way to adjust window coverings to control light levels, reduce glare and increase privacy. Keeping the windows covered during the day protects upholstery and floor coverings from the sun’s harmful UV rays and helps reduce energy usage.

For more information about the Glydea system and the benefits of installing motorized drapery tracks, call the window covering experts at Polar Shades at 877-260-6110 or 702-260-6110.