What’s Available in Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades

The simplest and most effective way to redecorate your home is by changing out the window coverings. Luckily, there are multiple options available. Here’s a look at some of the options you have when you decide to redesign your home using motorized shades.

Motorized Window Shades

Beautiful, state of the art motorized window shades take the work out of opening and closing your shades. These interior shades provide stylish and functional comfort in your home. Choose the color of the shades and the brackets to complement your home decor.

Drapery Tracks

Glydea motorized drapery tracks give you the privacy you need, and they help keep your energy costs down. These high tech drapery tracks install easily and allow you the control you need to block out the sun when you desire, as well as protect your privacy inside your home. An improved Touch Motion feature allows you to open your motorized drapery simply by touching them.

Motorized Duo Shades

Can’t decide between sheer shades or blackout shades? You don’t have to with duo motorized shades. These shades offer the best of both options, and you can choose between regular shades or blackout shades whenever you like. The shades feature easy to use controls, which you can use either remotely or through a wireless wall switch.

The shades come in many attractive and appealing colors, and the way they are mounted makes it seem like they are one singular shade for aesthetic purposes.

Selecting Shades

Choosing shades depends on several factors, including your budget as well as the type of shades you require. Most people desire shades that help keep their homes cool in the hotter months as well as reduce energy costs, and there are many shades at Polar Shades to pick from. Choose interior or exterior shades, as well as awnings to meet your needs. Select from many fabrics including solar, light filtering, and blackout fabrics.

For More Information

Looking for motorized shades but you’re not sure where to begin? Contact Polar Shades to help you meet your window covering needs. Reach us at 877-260-6110 for more information about installing motorized shades in your home or office. Visit our showroom in person, located at 520 E. Sunset Road, Henderson, NV to see our selection of shades and find out about our easy installation, or request a quote online.