Save Energy with Exterior Window Shades by Polar Shades

Exterior Window Shades

Installing retractable exterior window shades is an effective and convenient way for Las Vegas homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and save up to 30% on energy costs. As operators of the largest retractable shade manufacturing facility in Nevada, Polar Shades offers a full line of energy efficient products to suit any household’s needs.

The automation integration experts at Polar Shades utilize recyclable fabrics and state-of-the-art equipment to produce quality shades to match any architectural design. Computerized fabric cutting tables and RF welding machines with impulse welding technology create high quality window coverings that are functional as well as beautiful. All products are custom built to each client’s exact specifications.

The Select line of products by Polar Shades offer consumers the ideal solution when temperatures soar above the century mark in the Nevada desert. All products are made with high quality, durable polyester yarn or fiberglass yarn. They carry a limited lifetime warranty allowing homeowners to buy with confidence.

Exterior shades are able to block up to 100% of solar heat rays and allow homeowners to save energy and reduce cooling costs during the summer months. This increase in efficiency extends the life of any air conditioning system allowing consumers to save even more on household maintenance costs.

Homeowners can choose from shade systems that operate at the push of a button or fully automated models with sun sensors for hands free activation. The home’s interior stays cool and comfortable regardless of how hot it is outdoors.

Polar Shades carries a wide range of fabric colors to match any exterior paint scheme. ZipRite Shades incorporate a revolutionary design that cover spans up to 18 feet wide by 12 feet high and provides a complete seal between the track and fabric. They extend living space and prevent insects from entering while keeping pets safely inside.

Call Polar Shades at 877-260-6110 to find a dealer near you. If you are in the Las Vegas or Henderson, NV area, call us at 702-260-6110 for more information about the Zip Rite and other available options. Start saving energy and cut cooling costs with custom made exterior shades for any home.