Blinds vs Shades in Las Vegas: Understanding the Differences


As you consider shopping for blinds or shades, you may be stuck trying to figure out the differences between the two. How do you pick the right window covering, and what pros and cons do each have? Basically, blinds and shades both offer a unique yet personalized look to any built structure. They are available in different styles, allowing you to pick one that meets your needs. Here are the factors that can help narrow down your choice.

1. Design

Blinds are designed in a slat-like manner that makes them easy to move and control. You can adjust them to open or close at certain portions. It’s also possible to raise or lower the blinds to let light in a room.

On the other hand, shades are soft window treatments built with softer textiles to fit snugly into a window and neatly roll up at the top. You can roll them up using a chain or motorized system. Roller shades are often more ‘clean-looking’ than blinds. Because of the design of blinds, there are often hanging cords or visible slats, even when retracted. However, because roller shades roll up when retracted, you are left with a less obstructed view and a less cluttered window treatment.

In terms of installation, both blinds and shades require accurate measurements to fit correctly. It’s therefore important to hire a professional for this task.

2. Durability and Maintenance

Blinds made of aluminum and vinyl are not durable, unlike those made of wood. Unlike most blinds, shades are naturally durable since they are built from a fabric material.

It’s easier to wipe down or remove residues or dust on blinds. However, you shouldn’t consider them if you have allergies since the slats tend to accumulate dust and dirt. Shades just need to be wiped down with a wet sponge if dusting or cleaning is needed.

A common misconception in the debate between blinds and shades is that blinds are more durable than shades. While blinds may be built from a physically harder material, the factor that plays the largest role in the durability of window treatments is the quality of the material. Cheap roller shades can tear, and cheap blinds can break or malfunction. However, when you invest in quality window shades, such as a roller shade system from Polar Shades, you are guaranteed to enjoy long-lasting and durable window treatments.

3. Versatility and Other Benefits

Blinds and shades share some similar benefits when compared with a bare window frame. Both blinds and shades, when closed, help to better insulate living spaces. Blinds and shades can assist in the climate control of a home, whether that is keeping the home cool in the summer, or keeping the home warm in the winter. In addition, when closed, both blinds and shades help to protect furniture from fading and aging in the sun. This is particularly useful with wood or leather furniture, or in places where the sun shines more, like in Las Vegas.

Blinds and shades are also helpful for maintaining privacy. In Las Vegas, many homes are built close together or are visible from other properties due to the lack of tall-growing trees and relatively flat landscape of the valley. If you live in a place like this where you have neighbors living close or would like increased privacy in your home for other reasons, choosing an effective blind or shade system is important, such as shades from Polar Shades in Las Vegas.

The functionality of blinds and shades is also important. While blinds are typically manually-retracted, meaning you have to retract the blinds yourself, you can purchase both manual and automatic roller shades. Roller shades are typically considered to be easier to retract because of their mechanics, regardless of whether they are automatic or manual.

Looking for High-Quality Window Shades?

We hope this guide settles the blinds vs shades debate that people have when choosing window coverings. Count on Polar Shades Sun Control for the finest quality window shades with the best warranty at a cost-effective price. Get a customized quote for interior and exterior sun shades today.

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