5 Smart Home Must-Haves in 2023

Smart home technology has become a staple in our daily lives, and like most modern technology, it’s constantly evolving. As we head into 2023, here’s a look at some of the top smart devices and upgrades you may want to add to your home this year.

Video Doorbell

While video doorbells are certainly nothing new, if you haven’t added one to your home, now is a great time to do so. Modern versions are very easy to install, offer excellent video quality, and many have internal memory that allows you to hold recordings for up to 30 days or even longer. Other common features include motion detection, night vision, cloud storage, and app support that sends real-time notifications to your smartphone.

Smart Alarm Clock

If you want to rise and shine each morning, consider picking up a smart alarm clock. While each version offers different features, they’re typically designed to help you develop healthy sleep habits, fight insomnia, and wake up when your body is ready.

Many smart alarm clocks can provide important information like news and weather updates through their built-in smart speakers. Some have lighting features that are designed to pull you out of sleep by replicating a natural sunrise. Others offer separate weekday and weekend schedules, built-in phone charging, and features to enhance your sleep, such as white noise and soothing sounds.

Smart Cookers

Whether you choose a smart air fryer, smart microwave, or a full-sized smart oven, this is one upgrade you won’t regret. Some top features you may enjoy include touchscreen doors and built-in HD cameras inside the oven so you can check on your meal without having to open the door.

Some smart cookers also connect to the internet so you can watch recipe videos while you prepare your meals. Your new cooker may also offer a wide range of cooking presets, voice control, and verbal announcements when your food is ready or needs attention. Some even have a scan-to-cook feature, which allows you to scan foods and send specific cooking instructions straight to the cooker.

Wi-Fi Irrigation Controls

Do you love the idea of having a lush garden and a carpet of beautiful green grass? It sounds appealing, but nobody wants to spend all day watering plants out in the hot sun. Wi-Fi irrigation controls are the perfect solution! They can help keep your yard, garden, or potted plants looking gorgeous with barely any effort.

Smart sprinkler systems connect to the internet to access real-time weather information, then adjust your watering frequency and amount as needed. You can also easily set schedules so you can stay in compliance with local watering restrictions.

Motorized Outdoor Shade

Imagine a world where your home automatically blocks out the sun’s glare and protects you from damaging UV rays. A motorized outdoor shade can do just that. During the summer months, it will boost your home’s energy efficiency by keeping excessive heat out. In the winter, these shades can help keep your home warm by opening to allow the sun in and lowering when chilly winds start to whip up.

Smart home motorized outdoor shades can be easily integrated with systems like Somfy to provide homeowners with a seamless and comprehensive outdoor shading experience. Motorized shading systems can be easily integrated with smart home technology, including Alexa, Google Home, and other popular platforms, to allow for voice control and remote operation of the outdoor shades.

This integration can be accomplished through the use of compatible hardware and software, which can connect to the internet and enable remote access to the shades. By integrating outdoor shades with Somfy motors, homeowners can enjoy a more sophisticated and automated outdoor shading experience that enhances their quality of life and increases the value of their home.

Today’s smart shades can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button, or you can fully automate the experience with a variety of controls. For example, built-in sun and wind sensors can trigger the shade to raise or lower. You can also set up a specific schedule so the shades open and close at designated times.

Polar Shades is the area’s leading provider of motorized outdoor shades. To learn more about this exciting smart home upgrade, contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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