Why Motorized Outdoor Shades Are a Great Solution for Homes

Perhaps you’re tired of feeling crowded at seasonal gatherings, or maybe you want to host your friends and family more frequently. Or, you might want to make your patio more comfortable for work or relaxation. If you need more space for entertaining or want to increase your home’s usable outdoor space, motorized outdoor shades are a wise investment. 

Motorized outdoor shades made by Polar Shades in Las Vegas, Nevada

Benefits of adding motorized shades include:

Higher Levels of Sun Protection

While there are several benefits associated with spending time outside, like lower stress levels, decreased anxiety, and higher energy levels, excessive amounts of sunlight can boost your exposure to harmful UV rays. Long-term exposure to UV rays increases your risk of skin cancer and contributes to premature aging. UV exposure may also damage outdoor furnishings and decor, shortening their lifespan and negatively impacting their appearance.

Motorized outdoor shades allow you to limit your (and your home’s) sun exposure and better control the temperature in your outdoor spaces. 

Increased Space

If your home feels cramped or if you find yourself forgoing parties and dinners due to limited space, outdoor shades will increase your home’s usable square footage.

Outdoor shades make it more comfortable for you to use your deck or patio, regardless of the weather, temperature, or time of day. They provide climate control for your outdoor spaces while keeping bugs and other pests away from your family and guests.

For example, if you’re running a fan, portable AC unit, or heater, your exterior shades will help your deck or patio maintain your preferred temperature. 

Additional Privacy

It can feel a bit awkward trying to enjoy an intimate evening with family or friends while your neighbors host their own outdoor gatherings. Closing your motorized shades will give you the additional privacy you need to spend time with your loved ones or relax with a book and your favorite beverage.

When you’re feeling social, just open your shades so that you’re free to converse and interact with your neighbors. 

Convenient to Use

Whether you’re spending the day alone or with the company of others, it’s important to take a little time to create the proper environment. By opting for motorized outdoor shades, you ensure that it only takes a minute or less to set your shades to your desired position.

This means that you have to devote minimal time and mental effort to the task, giving you more time and energy for other items on your to-do list. 

Learn More About Adding Motorized Outdoor Shades to Your Home

Polar Shades is a family-owned company that offers exterior shades perfect for transforming your home’s outdoor spaces. Our products utilize only the highest-quality materials and include an industry-leading warranty. Contact us online to request more information.

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