5.5” Titan Cassette Shade

Product Notes

  • Available in widths of 28” up to 250”, measured end cap to end cap on the cassette. Larger widths available with a split. (Fabric & Cassette)
  • Available with lengths of 12” to 192”. The total length is measured from the top of the cassette to the bottom of the hem bar.
  • Available guides include tracks, cables or a combination.
  • The Cassette is available in five (5) standard colors; white, tan, camel, pesho sand & bronze.
  • Available with Manual Operation or Motorized Operation. Manual cranks come in several lengths including 47”, 59” & 67”
  • Motorized units powered by Somfy, the premier motor in the industry. Motorization options include a wide range of Standard, Altus, or ILT Motors.
  • A wide selection of standard, roll-off back fabrics.
  • Fabric seams are welded, not sewn and are always horizontal. ( Acrylic is seamed vertically.)
  • Standard seam placement will be as high as possible or specific seam placement is available. Seam placement is measured from the bottom of the hem bar.
  • Units may be wall mounted or soffit mounted.
  • Cassette housing measures 5 ½” x 5 ¾”.
  • Cassette, track and hembar hardware is all extruded aluminum.
  • Fabric gap on Motorized & Manual Operation products with track guides is approximately ¼” (edge of fabric to track). Fabric gap on Manual Operation products with cable guides is approximately 2” (edge of fabric to cable) on the crank side.
  • Roller tubes are 60/61 T6 alloy or steel available in 63mm, 70mm, 78mm and 85mm sizes.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners.
  • Manual Deductions:
    • Housing—3/16”
    • Fabric w/track—4 ¼”
      w/cable—2 ¾”
    • Roller tube—2 5/8”
    • Hem bar—1 ½”
  • Motorized Deductions:
    • Housing – 3/16”
    • Fabric w/track—4 ¼”
      w/cable—2 ¾”
    • Roll tube – 1 ¾”
    • Hem bar –1 ½”
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty