3 Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space in 2023

No matter your budget or how much outdoor space you have, you can always make your outdoor living space more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. These spaces offer the perfect escape from the interiors, and let’s admit it – you could use a break from being trapped behind four walls. Outdoor living can help you enjoy your home more and even improve your mental health as you spend more time outdoors in nature.

Here are a few ways to elevate your outdoor living space and turn it into a space you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.

1. Install Retractable Patio Shades

Spending time outdoors doesn’t always have to mean dealing with glaring sunlight and excruciating heat in the summertime. Retractable shades for patios enable you to control how much light you receive from the sun, making your outdoors just as comfortable as your indoor ones. Unlike walls that are permanent features, retractable patio shades expand your home’s footprint, allowing you to make use of as much space as possible, no matter the season.

When buying patio shades, be sure to pay attention to size, design, and operating mechanism before making a decision. It’s a good idea to opt for motorized shades as they eliminate the need to operate them manually. What’s more, always check for a warranty. A great warranty is a good indication of a manufacturer’s commitment to quality.

2. Add Natural Stone Pathways

Here’s an idea that will add to the serenity of your yard or garden. A winding gravel or natural stone path reflects the informality and tranquility of walking in nature. Cobblestone pathways add an element of traditional charm, while stone gravel comes in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing you to make your pathways feel and look more natural. This is also another reason to choose textured stones such as granite, sandstone, and limestone.

What’s more, side yards tend to get neglected as most homeowners tend to focus on front and backyards. A well-designed path in your side yard can elevate your overall landscape design and add a feeling of enchantment to your home.

3. Add a Relaxing Lounging Spot

Be it a sun deck or a hammock; every yard should have a chill lounging spot. A sun deck creates an outdoor space for summer entertainment that’s great for family dinners or game-day barbeques. It also increases your livable square footage, creating a room without walls and providing you with a much-needed change of scenery. Another upside is that you get to increase the value of your home in the process. Home buyers are always on the lookout for enjoyable outdoor spaces.

Does your outdoor living area need an upgrade? Retractable patio shades can give you the look you are looking for. Visit our beautiful showroom for design inspiration and download our guide. Contact our Polar Shades team today for help in finding the perfect retractable shades for your patio. Our interior design consultants are always available.



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